Is Trip Insurance Worth The Cost?

When booking an overseas trip, a travel agent will usually encourage you to buy trip insurance. Depending on your preconceived notion about travel insurance, you might think two different things. You may consider it as a necessity or an unnecessary expense. So which is it?

Too many travelers think that “nothing bad will happen” but then again, anyone can suffer from heart attack anywhere in the world. Sounds highly unlikely? Consider this then. In 2004, tsunami hit a popular beach destination in Thailand. Petra Nemcova, a supermodel, barely survived. Her boyfriend was killed together with hundreds of tourists and locals. The tsunami also killed thousands of people in other parts of Asia.

Natural disasters can happen when you least expect it. And when you combine this with health risks, the possibility of cancelled flights, and international immigration problems, the cost of travel insurance literally looks like pennies when compared to what you will spend otherwise. “Prevention is better than cure”, the saying is applicable in this case because you certainly don’t want to spend your lifetime savings for something that could have easily been covered by a travel insurance company.

There are many other reasons to consider travel insurance. Here are some of the common travel scenarios where having insurance can help you:

1. Stolen passport and wallet. Emergency passport replacement and cash is needed.
2. Accidents. You require adequate medical care or evacuation.
3. Lost Luggage. You need your medication and emergency prescription will be given.
4. Medical Emergencies. Travel insurance can cover you wherever you are in the world.
5. You need to cancel the flight because of illness or other emergencies.
6. Hurricanes and other weather conditions. You were asked to evacuate your current accommodation.
7. Terrorist incidents. You want to cancel your trip.

Looking back at Nemcova’s experience in Thailand, what can you possibility do in this case? If you got injured in this instance, the cost of getting an air ambulance can go upwards of $25,000. Can you pay for it? Travel insurance can mean the difference between getting proper medical care and going to the charity ward.

Emergency medical expenses provide coverage for emergency medical treatment if a sickness or injury occurs while traveling. Policies typically also come with emergency medical evacuation which provides coverage for emergency evacuation, if necessary, to the nearest qualified medical facility. Emergency medical expenses are covered up to one hundred thousand and up to one million for evacuation in comprehensive policies.

So is travel insurance worth the cost? Based on the scenarios given above, travel insurance is a necessity. It is a cost definitely worth the cost when you consider the alternative. However, remember that you need to get the kind of travel insurance that covers all major emergencies to get the most out of it.

Norwich Union Travel Insurance Highlight Holiday Hazard Hotspots

At a time when many UK families are getting excited about their forthcoming holiday Norwich Union has compiled a list of destinations most likely to cause problems. The list is based upon Norwich Union’s extensive claims database.

The report highlighted some old chestnuts but also revealed some less likely destinations. Mexico topped the list for claims following sun over-exposure, whilst the Caribbean also found the top spot for insect bites and stings.

The ugly face of crime raises its head in South Africa but both old British favorites, Spain and the Canaries are both highlighted as a risk for robbery and pick pocketing. Thailand was also mention for theft problems, but the report also advised unwary travelers should also be aware of tummy problems, traffic accidents and lost belongings.

Norwich Union were also quick to point out that most holidays go without hitch and the purpose of the report is not to worry tourists, merely to make them aware. Western Europe appeared to offer,in the main, the safest destinations, with Ireland pipping Belguim, Holland, Germany and France.

Norwich Union advise however that whilst the new European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) covers many potential problems it won’t cover all costs and will not cover rescue or repatriation. An important point being that the biggest cause of problems when abroad is unforeseen medical emergencies.

When you consider the cost of your holiday a little extra expense in the form of adequate travel insurance cover would seem a prudent step. Although of course due diligence should also be practised.

Norwich Union offer the following tips for a hazard-free holiday;-

Lost/Misplaced belongings
Keep an eye on your belongings at all times. Do not leave them unattended and ensure you don’t check in your valuables while traveling, keep them with you, in a safe place.

Lock belongings in a safe when in a hotel.

Be aware of open windows and doors in your villa or hotel room – they attract opportunist thieves.

Robbery with violence
Be aware of your surroundings and look purposeful. Avoid looking lost, confused or distracted as this makes you an easier target for opportunist thieves.

Find out the emergency phone numbers used in the area you are visiting.

Tummy problems
Eat food that has been freshly prepared or thoroughly cooked, avoiding food that has been left standing for long periods.

Avoid ice in drinks in countries where you can’t drink the tap water (often it is not made from bottled water).

Be aware that salads may also have been washed in tap water.

Astral Travel And Ticketless Travel – Do You Need Travel Insurance?

It won’t be long before we can travel closer to the stars, thanks to Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic spaceships. However, astral travel or astral projection is a different matter entirely. You don’t have to pony up the £100,000 or so astronomical price for a space flight with Virgin Galactic if you merely want to do a bit of astral travelling. Some people believe we are all capable of astral travel – leaving our bodies during sleep or meditation. Now there’s a great idea – sign me up! I’ve tried to do it but so far haven’t managed to wake up on a beach in Hawaii as was planned. Oh well. Wouldn’t it be nice if we never again had to deal with airport parking, lost luggage, or security chaos and hassle! No packing to worry about – you could leave your luggage (emotional or otherwise) at home. Just have a nice mug of cocoa, go to bed, and wake up in your dream destination! If you haven’t been able to master the art of astral travel, out of body experiences, lucid dreaming, or time travel – then virtual travel may be the next best thing. Just log onto your computer and, like Captain Kirk on the USS Enterprise, fill in your own captain’s log as you go. You can visit the exotic and interesting places you’ve always wanted to see – and for a fraction of the price. You could be at the Taj Mahal one minute and the Coliseum in Rome the next – and all without leaving your armchair and comfort of your own home. Ticketless travel is becoming the new way to do things, as computers take over from the old labour-intensive paper ticketing – but you’re still stuck with all the downsides of travel. With virtual travel, you don’t have to worry about minor annoyances like getting your seat assignment or boarding pass, getting stuck in the screaming-baby section, or queuing for the only toilet that isn’t bunged up. Scientists may one day succeed with the perfect recipe that will enable us to teletransport – scramble our bodies and reassemble them in another location – just like the crew of the Enterprise. It could be useful for many reasons – just think about the possibilities…! Harry Potter had an Invisibility Cloak, which would be great for those times when you commit a social faux pas and wish the earth would open and swallow you up – or maybe when the taxman or auditor comes a callin’. Scientists are working on invisibility cloak technology – which could come in handy for politicians who feel compelled to make public apologies for their indiscretions – or the annoying ones who constantly dodge the tricky questions. Some surgical patients have claimed to remember leaving their bodies whilst under anaesthesia during operations. Unfortunately, none of them have got any further than the ceiling or corner of the room – where they witness the gory goings-on involving their body. If only we could whistle for a celestial taxi from that corner in the ceiling and go off to an exotic beach. We could leave our swollen and bruised bodies to the painful recovery process in the care of professionals and return when all is well and functioning again. Sort of like taking the car in for a service and using a courtesy car to go off for lunch and a spot of shopping with a friend. Well, who knows what might be possible in the future. We didn’t know electricity existed before someone discovered it – and it had been there all the time! Not so long ago no one would have believed it possible for ordinary people (albeit those with plenty of cash) to climb aboard a rocket ship and blast themselves into zero gravity. Technology has raced ahead in the last few decades at breathtaking speed. Those lucky enough to be able to afford a trip with Virgin Galactic will have a taste of an ‘out of body experience’ of a kind – at least a few minutes of weightlessness – when they can forget that they are still trapped in their bodies. We have a virtual world readily available at our fingertips these days with computer technology. Just a few taps on the keyboard and we can travel with Google Earth or observe the heavens with Google Sky. We can be virtual tourists on a virtual earth, have a virtual relationship, or stay at home in a virtual garden with our virtual pet! Coming back to reality, if you have to make do with your annual earthly holiday in Spain and get there and back on the budget airlines then, hey, we shouldn’t take for granted how easy air travel has become. Until we learn how to master astral travel – or Dr. Who-style time travel becomes a reality – we are stuck with the reality and annoyances of modern-day air travel. Maybe in our future we will need travel insurance to cover time warps. In the meantime, if getting to our dream destinations means crowded airports, delays and long queues – at least we have travel insurance to cover most mortal mishaps!

Annual Travel Insurance Vs Single Trip Travel Insurance: Which Is Better?

Travelling and taking holidays can be a lot of fun, but it can also be scary. If something goes wrong, you may find yourself in a foreign land amongst foreign people with no idea where to turn for help. Travel insurance prevents this from happening by helping you through all of the unforeseen circumstances that may befall you on a trip. Travel insurance can help cover expenses if you become ill or injured, lose your luggage, have a car accident or have to change your plans due to weather or illness. There are two basic types of travel insurance: annual travel insurance and single trip travel insurance. Annual travel insurance is purchased annually and covers all of your travels for the entire year. Single trip travel insurance is purchased at the beginning of each trip and is only good for that trip. There are benefits and drawbacks associated with each type of travel insurance. The following two sections will address the pros and cons of each. Pros and Cons of Annual Travel Insurance When you purchase annual travel insurance, you pay a one-time fee. This fee covers the cost of the insurance for the whole year. If you travel a lot, this price is almost always less than you would pay for multiple single-trip policies. But the price for annual travel insurance is also more than you would pay for one or two single-trip policies. So you need to have a clear idea of how often you will use the insurance before you spend the money for it. Annual travel insurance is ideal for people who travel a lot. Business professionals, people with family living abroad, and families with holiday homes usually benefit the most from such a policy. Students who have to travel back and forth from school may also benefit from this type of policy. Pros and Cons of Single Trip Travel Insurance Single trip travel insurance is the most cost effective way to purchase travel insurance if you only have need of it a couple of times a year. It is spontaneous. You can purchase travel insurance prior to any trip even if it is spur of the moment. It is also inexpensive. Single trip travel insurance normally costs about four to seven percent of the entire cost of any prepaid trip. If you make a lot of spontaneous trips, however, you could end up spending more than you bargained for if you purchase a separate policy each time you leave town. Both annual and single trip travel insurances offer the same coverage. The only real discrepancy between them is cost. Therefore, you need to choose the most cost effective way to purchase the insurance that best meets your needs. If you have any doubts, talk to a travel agent. They will be able to help you compare prices and coverage options. The most important thing is that you always travel while insured. You need to be prepared for everything that may happen.

K & R Insurance for World Travelers

Business travelers, tourists, and employees of various media outlets are accustomed to traveling all over the world. Many of these groups, like the contract employees of media outlets and television networks, often travel in countries touted as highly dangerous due to illegal activities and extremism. In the case of the media employees, they go where the news is and it’s not always in sunny California. Whatever If you are a traveler and you are traveling with your family then you must be aware of these countries. Your reason for traveling be it business or pleasure, if you are going go Latin America, Africa, or the Middle East, you are at a much higher risk for kidnapping then if you are going to Canada or Germany.
Because some of the countries you may be traveling in are potentially unsafe, a very good safety plan is important as it can help you to get out of various complications that may arise. Aspects of safety plans include exit strategies, education on the most corrupt areas to avoid, group traveling arrangements, and settling on a kidnap and ransom insurance policy. The importance of K & R insurance can’t be neglected as part of a robust safety plan because it can offer protection in the form of ransom money and security should the need arise. If you are a frequent traveler or even if you are traveling for academic purposes, then you should look to get some level of K & R insurance. This insurance is also good for employees of various organizations and firms who often visit various countries to conduct business.
K & R insurance can provide an extra level of protection to you in that retaining the policy means a third party will be there to assist with the kidnapping negotiations and assisting with any ransom money that may be required for immediate release. Basically, it will be much easier for you to get rid of the kidnappers through a very good K & R insurance policy then it will be for you to possibly resolve any issues on your own without intervention. Acquiring travel insurance for kidnapping is a much safer way for you to travel in any part of the world with peace of mind knowing that if the worst happens, you are covered and have trained professionals who have handled these delicate situations before at your beck and call.
Not many people even know this type of insurance exists or how to get it. If you are thinking about calling your homeowners insurance provider and asking them about this policy, think again. There are only a few carriers. For any world travelers looking to secure kidnapping policies, do a simple online search to get the assistance of the few major organizations, many of which provide online quotes for you to get travel insurance for kidnapping all within the website. All you have to do is to just look for a good provider with a reasonable policy at a decent cost so that there will be no complications for you later on. What good is having the insurance if it’s not going to offer the coverage you need?
Two major tenants of any good policy is that the response of the firm must be quick enough and there must be complete access of travel insurance for kidnapping in any part of the world. This is especially true for frequent world travelers who go to various countries with little or no notice. For these especially, they should seek global policies. You also need instant and quick response from your insurance company to reduce any complications. If you think like the kidnappers, they just want money. They really don’t care about you, the individual, just you as a means to an end. 99% of all kidnappers just demand ransom and as soon as they get the money, they release the victim without haste. This means a quick response from the K & R insurance provider is one of the most helpful aspects of any policy. Immediate action reduces complications, it’s that simple.